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5 Unique Benefits Of Using The ‘Best In Class’ Accident Management Company

By 8th March 2024 July 15th, 2024 News
5 Unique Benefits Of Using The ‘Best In Class’ Accident Management Company

Accident management companies can help Northern Ireland motorists in a wide variety of ways, but not all of them can provide the assistance that CRASH Services does – and only CRASH have been described by industry experts as ‘best in class’.

After being involved in an accident drivers just want to get back on the road again as quickly as possible – especially if it wasn’t their fault.

It can be a frustrating and time-consuming process dealing with your insurer, the at-fault party and their insurer as well as coordinating repairs and a hire vehicle.

That’s where accident management companies step in and promise a hassle-free process.

It’s important to put yourself in the hands of reputable people when you need that promise to be kept.

Here are five benefits of using an accident management company with over 25 years of experience in Northern Ireland.

1. Vehicle recovery from the scene of an accident.

In the last two and a half decades, CRASH Services has helped over 120,000 Northern Ireland drivers after they’ve been involved in an accident.

And our hard-won reputation for putting the customer first was highlighted recently, with an independent auditor describing CRASH as “without doubt, one of the most efficient credit hire and repair service providers we have encountered.”

Against that backdrop, Northern Ireland drivers who call CRASH Services after an accident that wasn’t their fault can expect a timely vehicle recovery rescue team to be sent straightaway.

Whether you’re on the hard shoulder of the M1 or a narrow country lane, the CRASH team aims to be with you within just sixty minutes, regardless of the weather.

2. CRASH Services: Taking care of everything on your behalf.

After being involved in an accident, the communications with insurers and the to-ing and fro-ing with the at-fault party’s representatives can be confusing.

If your car is repairable you just want it fixed quickly, or if it’s written-off you want to be able to source a replacement as soon as possible.

Choosing CRASH Services means you can rest easy and let us represent your best interests.

We’re experts in taking away the inconvenience from you and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible.

From guaranteed accident repairs from your chosen garage to dealing with insurers on your behalf, CRASH takes care of everything.

3. Replacement vehicle to get you back on the road quickly.

Whatever type of transport you need, CRASH Services supplies all kinds of vehicles.

The fleet available includes commercial vehicles, motorbikes, taxis, and even vehicles with dual controls.

4. We can arrange medical assistance and rehabilitation.

Minor and more severe injuries, unfortunately, happen regularly after being involved in an accident.

And at CRASH Services, we’re here to help Northern Ireland motorists through this challenging time.

If you need immediate access to rehabilitation services those can be arranged to give you peace of mind.

5. Legal assistance.

At CRASH Services, we believe that no Northern Ireland driver should suffer a loss as a result of an accident that wasn’t their fault.

That’s why, in conjunction with the number 1 firm of solicitors in the country, we offer legal assistance to all our customers.

From your first call to us, we will work on your behalf; we even offer an indemnity policy that covers your legal costs.

No single case is straightforward, and at CRASH Services, we work closely with the legal team to ensure you don’t suffer any losses as a result of an accident.

As far as possible, with CRASH you will be put in the position as if the accident had never happened.


If you’ve been in an accident, CRASH Services can take care of everything at no cost to you. Please speak to one of our specialists from our claims team today. Or call us now on 028 9066 0244.

We offer a range of services Accident managementRecoveryRepairsReplacement Vehicles, ClaimsBreakdown Cover, and Legal and Medical assistance.

We are proud to help our customers, click the link to see a few examples of the fantastic feedback we received recently.

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