This advice guide is to help you understand:

Your legal rights following a road traffic accident in Northern Ireland;


How to deal with motor insurance and claims management companies.

This guide focuses on your rights concerning vehicle repairs and a temporary replacement vehicle.

We recommend and encourage every driver in Northern Ireland avail of our free guide, which is available to download below or in any of our branches, to ensure you are aware of your rights if you end up in a road traffic accident.

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Downloading our Accident Advice Guide

Watch Jonathan McKeown CEO of CRASH Services, explain the importance and benefits of downloading our Accident Advice Guide.

CRASH Services have helped over 100,000 Northern Ireland motorists to reinstate themselves after an accident.

This new must-have accident advice guide for motorists explains your rights in detail and how to deal with insurance and claims management companies.

The advice guide will be of massive benefit to all Northern Ireland drivers, and particularly at a time after a collision that can be highly stressful and confusing.

How can this guide help me?

There are a lot of misconceptions around accidents and making a claim, for example, whether you should claim off your own insurance policy and your rights if an accident is your fault.

Our guide lays out in straightforward language what you should do following an accident regardless of whether an accident is your fault or not – and even when both drivers are partly to blame.

It also covers your rights if the accident is the fault of an uninsured driver or where the driver is unknown, or fault cannot be determined after an accident and GAP insurance.

It outlines the different options that are available to you when deciding on how to proceed with a claim whether you are at fault or not.

When you have an accident, it is also your choice whether you have your vehicle repaired or not, who repairs it, and how you fund those repairs.

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