Hassle-free accident repairs.

CRASH Services can organise guaranteed repairs to your vehicle.

We ensure that you have the freedom to choose who repairs your car.

We work with an extensive network of trusted repairers; they’re all ready to help get you back on the road and it’s very likely that your local chosen repairer will already recommend our services.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a repairer in mind we can help you find one near you to help you through the process.

We know that your car is essential to your everyday life, so we don’t wait about; we promise that we will work to ensure that your vehicle is repaired to the highest standard and returned to you as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been in an accident, CRASH Services can take care of everything at no cost to you.

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Did you know that when you are involved in a motor accident and need to make an insurance claim you’re always allowed to pick your own garage?

It’s ‘Your Car Your Choice’. Although insurance companies know well that they cannot insist that a vehicle is repaired at their chosen garage, they use many tactics to convince motorists otherwise.

Large insurers try to confuse motorists by claiming that so-called ‘approved’ garages are better, when all ‘approved’ means in practice is that a garage has made an agreement to work at a discount and using methods determined by the insurer on the expectation a high volume of repairs being directed to them by the insurance company.

There are over 300 independent accident repair centres across the country that are able to help you. Many are small, family businesses that offer local employment and have been around for decades. They will work for you alone and will engage with an independent motor engineer assessor or a insurer on your behalf to ensure your vehicle is repaired using the correct manufacturer-approved methods using only manufacturer parts unless YOU request otherwise.

So please insist on using the provider that you know and trust and one that can give you independent advice.

Here are some of the common myths you might hear when you contact your insurance company.

  1. You need to obtain 3 estimates

FALSE. An insurers appointed engineer can discuss repair costs directly with your appointed garage or your appointed motor engineer assessor.

  1. The repairs at the garage you choose won’t be guaranteed

FALSE. All garages will provide a guarantee.

  1. You won’t get a courtesy car at your chosen garage

FALSE. Many garages are able to provide a replacement vehicle, and if the accident is not your fault, can arrange for you to be provided with a like-for-like vehicle at no cost to you.

  1. Repairs will take longer at your choice of repairer

FALSE. There is no reason why repairs should take any longer just because a repairer is chosen by you.

  1. Your excess will be higher if you choose your own garage

FALSE. Some insurers try to impose a higher policy excess if you choose your own repairer. This is an unfair practice and one that can be challenged.

So, if you need to make an insurance claim, remember independent repairers will be able to guide you through the process and ensure your vehicle is repaired correctly.