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Niamh Shannon Client Testimonial

I would recommend CRASH services as they took the pressure off myself dealing with this incident

S. Paulin

Clare Dowdall Client Testimonial

I would recommend CRASH for their experience and because they know how get on with the job.

R. Whiteside

Conor McLaughlin Client Testimonial

A problem that wasn’t my fault was made easy by them dealing with it professionally

A. Graham

Karen Cousins Client Testimonial

Very fast on the ball takes care of everything very quickly. Very nice & easy going people to talk to.

P. Loughran

Aisling O’Rourke Client Testimonial

After an accident you need time to compose yourself and consider all option before making any decisions it's all to easy to make the wrong choices you need unbiased advice and direction that gives you the best outcome, handing over the heavy lifting to CRASH Services. CRASH Service gives you peace of mind guiding you through each stage following an accident . They give you the confidence that you aren't forgotten and your legal rights are being looked after.

J. Kelly

Rosanne Boyle Client Testimonial

They took the hassle away of sorting everything out after my accident.

M. Klein

Aisling O’Rourke Client Testimonial

Top class service from day one until car was repaired many thanks - triple A+ service

C. Metcalfe