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Sophie Killen Customer Testimonial

Can't speak highly enough of the service we got from CRASH. From the first phone call, they took control and took the worry and stress out of the situation. We had a hire car on our doorstep the next day. I would recommend them to anyone and have already told friends and family about them.

D. Mulholland

Aisling O’Rourke Customer Testimonial

Professional service, fabulous communication. It’s true what they say, when you want the best service, go to the best!

P. Carville

Cassandra Hay Customer Testimonial

They are the most amazing company. They did everything for me. I can hardly believe that there is a company that is so caring in these days. CRASH kept me well-informed as to what was going on. I’ve been able to tell lots of my friends about their excellent help. So thankful and appreciative of all they did for me, they deserve an A++.

J. Sloan

Sebrina McCarron Customer Testimonial

Takes away all the hassle of dealing with other insurance companies. My insurance told me I would not be entitled to a courtesy car yet CRASH organised one the next day.

G. Millen

Kathy McNally Customer Testimonial

I would recommend CRASH as they were so professional, they kept me informed all the way and were super friendly which really calmed me down.

C. Yildiz

Karen Cousins Customer Testimonial

Completely professional and absolutely amazing. The staff at CRASH make a difficult experience more hopeful.

G. Doherty

Cassandra Hay Customer Testimonial

I would recommend it for several reasons, immediacy of response, continual communication with comprehensive explanation, excellence in quality of repairs and above all, courtesy and consideration.

J. McGilloway

Mariessa McMahon Customer Testimonial

I would recommend CRASH for the convenience. I didn't have to do a thing and got regular friendly updates from the CRASH team. Great service. Not that I hope to use CRASH often but when they’re needed it is great!

E. Stewart

Niamh Shannon Customer Testimonial

I'd definitely recommend CRASH Services. They made everything so easy, kept me up to date on what was happening with my claim at all times and answered all my queries. They even sorted a courtesy car for when my car was in the garage. Brilliant service.

D. Hanney

Aisling O’Rourke Customer Testimonial

I would highly recommend CRASH Services as they take the hassle out of a situation which is very stressful. They are efficient, professional, easy to talk to and show empathy to their customers, a rarity in these times. I could not have coped without them.

S. Cobane

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