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DFC teams up with CRASH for Accident Management

By 26th August 2008 December 30th, 2020 News

CRASH team up with DFC
New Partnership: John Moore, Operations Director at DFC, and Tony McKeown, Sales & Marketing Director at CRASH, celebrate their new partnership

Drivers of the 3000+ Department For Communities vehicles now have access to CRASH Accident Management Services in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Department For Communities

John Moore, director of operations at DFC explains “No one plans to have an accident so most people are in a state of shock if it happens. This is why we have teamed up with a highly respected accident management company to look after our customers when they really need it.

DFC’s whole philosophy is founded on customer care, so we were extremely thorough when selecting our accident management partner. We believe that our customers will receive the best advice and support when they need it after an accident.

Of course we hope that our clients never need to use the service but with an average of 12% of commercial vehicles being involved in an accident, it is a significant problem. However, by using CRASH, we are confident that the process of our customers getting back on the road will run as smoothly as possible.”

Tony McKeown, sales & marketing director at CRASH went on to say “We are delighted to have joined up with DFC. We share the same passion which is to provide customers with a fantastic local service.

We can assist with any accident situation. As we are totally independent in an accident situation, we focus solely on giving the best advice so all DFC customers will know their full rights after any accident”.

About CRASH Services

CRASH provides a host of services including an innovative non-fault service. This ensures that when the accident isn’t their fault, a customer won’t need to claim off their own or their company’s insurance policy. CRASH also funds the vehicle repairs, provides a like-for-like replacement vehicle and helps pursue any depreciation payment that arises from the accident. There is no charge to the innocent party for this service as the costs are directed towards the at fault party’s insurance company.

For advice on how to choose the vehicles that will save you money call DFC on 028 9073 4222, visit dfcbelfast.co.uk or come to one of our popular seminars on how to manage your fleet efficiently as well as your legal responsibilities.

If you would like to find out more about CRASH Services, please call 028 3025 1840  or contact us today.

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