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Can you still contact CRASH Services even if you called your insurance company first?

By 9th February 2024 News

At CRASH Services, we have a saying – ‘When someone runs into you – that is your first accident – when you call your insurance company- that is your second accident!’

We understand that a car accident can be stressful and your instinct will be to seek the assistance of your insurance company, but your insurance company will want to deal with the claim in a way that is in their best interests and that is not always what is in your best interests.

Even if you have reported the claim to your insurer you are completely entitled to seek your own independent advice including making the call to CRASH to ensure that you are getting the best result for you and your vehicle.

Where necessary we work with you to gather the evidence that will show where the liability for the incident rests and then to decide on how to progress your claim. This could be either via a claim against the other person’s insurance company if you are not at fault or if you need to claim from your own policy if you are or might be.

We can then make all the arrangements on your behalf so that you do not have to deal directly with all of the hassle that ensues.

CRASH takes care of everything including:

  • Recovering your vehicle from the scene of an accident
  • Providing a next day replacement vehicle
  • Arranging guaranteed repairs with a repairer of your choice
  • Liaising with insurance companies
  • Getting you your full entitlement

If you call us a few days or even a week after your accident, we can still take over the claims process for you regardless of what your insurance company might try to tell you!

A past customer called us to help after her accident, having initially contacted her insurance company  

Jane Bassett called us after she had initially started claiming against her own insurance policy but wasn’t happy with the company’s service.

“Because I have never been in an accident before I had no idea what to do. I have never had to contact insurance companies or anything before. When I rang CRASH Services, Marie spoke to me that night, and the next day I had a replacement car delivered to my door. I couldn’t believe how quickly I had a replacement car. That was the thing that was worrying me the most after the accident as I needed my car for work and to travel.” You can watch her customer testimonial video here.


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