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A driver reversed into the side of my car at a car park

By 2nd March 2023 March 6th, 2023 News, Reviews
CRASH Services

Brenda Curran shares her experience with CRASH Services after a vehicle reversed into her at a car park: 

“I was coming back from collecting my daughter from school and pulled into the local filling station. When I was going to leave, I noticed there was another car reversing opposite me so waited, and then a car to the left of me, so my passenger side, didn’t see me and reversed straight into my car. Luckily myself and my daughter were okay.

I have never been in an accident before and didn’t know what to do, so I called my husband and he said I should collect the driver and insurance details and that he would call CRASH Services.

I was swept away by the service from CRASH. A lovely girl phoned me that evening and had a replacement car ready the next day. I was advised because I couldn’t open the vehicle door it would not be safe to drive so they arranged for a replacement car to be sent to my house while my car was being repaired.

I wouldn’t have known where to start without using CRASH Services. They were just really good at taking the reins and taking control and getting everything dealt with quickly, which was just fantastic.

CRASH had come to my house, picked up my car, and took it to the body repair shop of my choice all within 24 hours. When it was time to pick up my own car, it was 14 days and I had my replacement car the entire time.

I didn’t have to get in contact with any insurance companies, CRASH took all that stress away and I didn’t have to deal with anything. I just gave them my insurance details and they were happy to take that worry off my hands.

The service that CRASH provided was just invaluable, they took over everything! They reassured me, step by step, and kept in touch, I really had nothing to do.

It’s just an invaluable service, and it’s completely free!

I would recommend CRASH Services to anyone who is in an accident because they take all the stress away, and the whole process was very quick.

A special thank you to Marie who was my case handler.”

To read more customer testimonials or watch some of our customer videos visit our customer testimonials page.

CRASH Services, Northern Ireland’s largest accident management specialists aim to take away the hassle after a collision and get motorists back on the road as quickly as possible. 

We can arrange vehicle recoverycollision investigation, organise repairs, provide a replacement vehicle, liaise with insurance companies and offer legal and medical assistance.

There is no fee for the accident management service as all costs are recovered from the insurers involved.

If you’ve been in an accident, CRASH Services can take care of everything at no cost to you. Please speak to one of our specialists from our claims team today. Or call us now on 028 9066 0244.

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