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CRASH to the Rescue

By 14th September 2009 November 29th, 2023 News

Tony McKeown & CRASH staff help to launch their breakdown service direct to the public.

The innovative CRASH 24/7 Accident & Breakdown Service is now available direct to the public as from September 2009. It can be ordered by calling CRASH on 028 9066 0244 or by contacting us.

Speaking about the launch, Tony McKeown, Sales & Marketing Director at CRASH said; “We are very well know for assisting motorists in the event of an accident, but we have also been selling a Breakdown Service via Insurance Brokers for a number of years. The Service has been extremely popular so we feel it is the right time to offer it direct to the public. In addition, we have recently added a few extra benefits to make the service even more attractive to motorists”.

The 24/7 Service can be used anywhere in the UK and Republic of Ireland and it covers any mechanical or electrical fault, puncture, fuel shortage or losing keys – at your home or on the road. It also includes recovery following an accident.

Tony adds “Motorists want the extra piece of mind that the breakdown service gives them. Indeed it is worth knowing that approximately one in five motorists suffer an accident or breakdown every year. However, cost is sometimes seen as a reason why motorists do not buy it. Our service is available at less than 50% of the cost major motoring organisations have for the same level of service and we include the Republic of Ireland as standard”.


CRASH Services – Everything’s taken care of…at no cost to you.

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