YEAR project (supported by The Big Lottery Fund) works with young people who are disengaged from current youth provision and are at risk of becoming involved in anti-social behaviour or crime. The YEAR project is a youth led project where youth workers go out onto the streets to engage with young people directly and provide alternatives to being on the streets by offering opportunities they may not normally have access to.

YEAR highlighted that a particular group of young people were traumatised after being involved in a crash where a friend had just passed his test and 5 friends were in the car with him and 2 others in the boot when the car crashed into a wall. YEAR project plans programme delivery around not only what the young people want to do but what they need to do and as a result they designed the Drive for Life course in conjunction with the PSNI to meet the needs of potential young drivers to keep them safe and to make them aware of the impact of their behaviour.

13 young people started a 10 week OCN accredited Drive for Life course, 11 young people completed the full 10 week course and achieved certificates. 8 young people applied for their theory test and 100% of these ultimately received their driving licence.

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