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Brid has worked within the Claims Department of CRASH for over 14 years. Brid is an knowledgeable and dedicated Claims Handler and enjoys guiding customers through a stressful situation.

What Brid's Customers say about her

I’d recommend CRASH Services as they take your case on and do everything for your which leaves you from stressing out and finding legal action.

J. Brown

Speed of service.

E. Partridge

I WOULD recommend CRASH Services as they where very helpful and quick at sorting things eg. courtesy car. I was updated every Monday and Friday.

L. Brimage

I didn’t know who to turn to when I encountered my accident, it was my first RTC and didn’t know where to start. CRASH services handled everything accordingly, left me with little stress at a highly stressful time. They organised a courtesy car, legal aid etc.

L. Maye

Very professional and efficient. Always returned calls in a timely manner.


CRASH services handled everything and the staff team were always very supportive.

Enagh Youth Forum

I was treated with the utmost care and respect from start to finish.

J. Hughes

There is no hassle for the person themselves.

S. Knox
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