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Glove Box Clever

By 8th May 2009 November 29th, 2023 News, Road Safety

New Accident Assitance pack from CRASH services

New Accident Assistance Pack now available to NI motorists

Local Accident Management company, CRASH, have responded to independent research by developing an Accident Assistance Pack which is available to all Northern Irish motorists – free of charge.

Tony McKeown, Sales & Marketing Director at CRASH, explains: “One in 10 motorists are involved in an accident each year yet independent research dictates that the vast majority are not aware of how to deal with an accident situation”.

“No one expects to have an accident, but it is vital all drivers are prepared if it happens. We have created the Accident Assistance Pack to help drivers in their moment of need. Speaking from personal experience it is incredibly important to understand what to do and record all details – there and then. Yet many motorists are often traumatised and shaken at the scene of the accident. This Pack has been specifically created to help manage the situation.”

The Pack includes:

– A step by step guide of “what to do in the event of an accident”
– An accident report card
– A details exchange card

CRASH Services recommend all motorists to keep a Pack in their glove box at all times.

CRASH is Northern Ireland’s leading accident management company and can assist all motorists in any accident situation. CRASH offer independent advice and can support motorists from the scene of the accident through to the completion of the claims process – and everything in between.

CRASH has serviced over 100,000 local motorists since 1996.

If you would like to order your free Accident Assistance Pack please call CRASH on freephone 0500 27 27 47 or visit www.crashservices.com.

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