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Dale wins Bangor’s ‘Best Young Driver’ title for 2013

By 1st July 2013 November 29th, 2023 News, Road Safety

-Dale Bolan comes out on top in major test of his driving skills.

Local student Dale Bolan has, literally, driven his way to success after being awarded the title of SERC Bangor’s ‘Best Young Driver’ for 2012.

Dale, from SERC Bangor, won the sought-after title after taking part in an innovative driving competition which used new technology to monitor driving skills, techniques and habits over an eight-week period.

Three students from South East Regional College in Bangor were chosen earlier this year to take part in the contest – Cory Tipping, Dale Bolan and Gemma Drinkill – and all three were put to the test in this first-of-its-kind driving challenge, which was organised by SERC Bangor in partnership with CRASH Services.

The cars driven by each contestant were fitted with ‘black box’ technology to monitor their driving performance and although the results were close for all three, Dale just pipped the other two drivers.

Roger Duncan, Head of the Students Union, at SERC Bangor, said the competition helped to underline the college’s commitment to promote and encourage safer driving among the students attending the college and that he was delighted that the technology being used was helping younger drivers improve their awareness of safer driving techniques.

“This competition really caught the imagination of students right across the college, who were fascinated by the level of detail which the ‘black box’ technology could collect from the cars used in the competition. Over a long period, this technology was clearly able to pinpoint those who drove safest, using the best techniques, so it’s great that we have a clear winner.

“Congratulations to Dale and really well done to our runner-up students Cory and Gemma who also demonstrated their strong and safe driving credentials as part of this exciting contest.”

Accident Services provider CRASH supplies and installs the ground-breaking Ingenium Dynamics ‘telematics’ in-car technology which was being used to determine the overall winner.

Tony McKeown from CRASH said: “The competition has been really well received by everyone at SERC Bangor and we are overwhelmed by the interest to take part and by the commitment of the three students who were chosen. Many congratulations and best wishes to Dale for winning outright, and to Cory and Gemma for doing so well.

We believe that it’s vital that young drivers continue to develop their driving skills after they pass their test and Ingenium Dynanics technology is a great way for them to do this while helping to keep them safe on the road.

Dale was awarded with £200 to help towards his motoring costs and the chance to improve his driving technique, skills and confidence even more by receiving specialist coaching from an Advanced Driver. Commenting on his success, Dale said “I am delighted to win the competition. After the box was fitted, I tried to forget it was there and just drove normally. It was great that I could monitor my own progress throughout the competition and I have kept up my performance.

If this technology can help new drivers like me provide they are safe on the road and help to reduce insurance costs then it will be very popular.

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