The first award goes to a UK-wide charity with a vibrant and progressive Belfast office.  A significant part of their work is to increase the number of people cycling. One of the key barriers to participation is road safety so this organisation through its network of trainers work with key groups to improve cycling skills.  This covers children in nearly 200 primary schools, workplaces and members of the direct.  They also deliver a programme for HGV Drivers to improve awareness of cyclists.


The second award goes to an innovative local cycling technology and data company, who have developed a light to improve visibility and long runtime in a tiny package.

Their patent pending use of advanced sensor technology allows the light to monitor the cycling environment and react to dangerous situations, such as road junctions and filtering in traffic. In addition, light sensing enables the identification and reaction to approaching car headlights at night, the entry and exit of road tunnels and more. It offers a level of brightness and runtime which is unmatched by any light of the same size and weight.  The lights are now shipped to more than 50 countries.




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