Cornmarket Insurance Services (formerly known as Adelaide Insurance) have a long history of being champions of Road Safety. One of the main areas focuses on motorcyclists, and they developed the BikeSafe Assessment with the PSNI, where successful candidates were offered a 10% reduction in their insurance. Over 3,000 bikers have availed of the free assessment.

This was in direct response to the number of their customers who were being killed or seriously injured on the road. They practice what they preach and have set up the Adelaide Advanced Motorcyclists group to encourage an increase in IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) membership.

Cornmarket also developed a similar assessment and reward scheme for young drivers called Roadwise and even their own staff are put through this test at Cornmarket’s expense.

Finally, Cornmarket, as official insurance provider of the IAM, offer incentives for drivers completing their advanced driving test and remaining as IAM members.

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