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A car reversed out and hit the side of my car…

By 12th October 2021 News, Reviews
John McKeating Customer Testimonial CRASH Services car hit

John McKeating talks about his experience using CRASH Services after a car accident:

“I was down in my holiday home going for a takeaway and as I was driving back a lady reversed out and hit the side of my car.

The lady admitted liability straight away but there was a lot of damage done to my car. We exchanged details and she said she would be in touch and let the insurance people know.

The accident happened on a Sunday night, so I phoned my insurance the next day as I didn’t know what to do, but this was my first instinct.

However, they were very unhelpful and left everything up to me to organise – they said I had to claim everything through my insurance until the lady officially admitted liability.

My insurance still hadn’t heard from the third party so told me I would have to pay the excess and that I basically had to do all the running for something that wasn’t my fault.

This was highly stressful so when I spoke to family members, they recommended that I use CRASH Services as they had used them before and weren’t out a penny and didn’t have to deal with a thing.

I phoned CRASH the following evening and explained what had happened to me, and the claims handler on the phone was so kind and reassuring. She assured me that they would take my case, get my car repaired and there would be no cost to me!

I have three kids and my wife and I are working full time, so it would have been a very stressful process if CRASH hadn’t stepped in and taken all the stress away from the situation.

CRASH’s communication was excellent, I had frequent updates from them regarding repairs and my claim. My own car insurance originally told me I had to use a particular garage, so I was pleased to hear I could choose my own with CRASH. I got my car repaired with Agnew and was given a replacement vehicle while I waited for my car to be fixed. The car that I was provided with was ideal for my family.

It took approximately two weeks from the first call with CRASH for everything to get sorted and the service was great.

The main worry after my accident was getting my car fixed to a high standard as it was relatively new. CRASH took the stress away with dealing with insurance companies and organising the repairs.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend CRASH to friends and family in the future or use them again as my first call after an accident.

In my personal experience, it was my insurance that let me down and put a lot of unnecessary stress and pressure on me to sort out my own repairs and payments. My advice to anyone who has been in an accident would be to call CRASH first to save you any unnecessary stress.”

If you’ve been in an accident, CRASH Services can take care of everything at no cost to you. Please speak to one of our specialists from our claims team today. Or call us now on 028 9066 0244.

We offer a range of services :

Accident managementRecoveryRepairsReplacement Vehicles, ClaimsBreakdown Cover, and Legal and Medical assistance.


If you need help after someone has hit your car and you’re not sure what to do, call CRASH Services today.

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